Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dentists are supposed to ACT like real doctors, right?

It's my day off today. Not necessarily by choice, but I'll take it. You see...I had a "full-time" job. In an industry that deals with home builders. REALLY great industry to be in right about now. And for the past 2 years. So, instead of go down in lay-off heaven I elected to proactively cut my hours. My "choice" but, really, who are we kidding? The economy MADE ME do it. Let's discuss this at another time, shall we? Thanks.

So...back to my day off. I typically enjoy these days off. Even though I am not making money, I still get some time to myself. To do what I want. And sleep. Catching up on sleep plays a huge part of these days. Plus, as you'll learn, I also have a 2nd job, working at night. No, you "trying to be funnier than me" stupid-face reader, it's not as a hooker. It's at a restaurant. But not tonight. Tonight AND today was all Alecia. No showering (which actually IS typical) and no make-up.

So, you can imagine my joy when I woke up to the reminder that I had an "emergency" dentist appointment. Let's go way back to Sunday:

~I woke up, ready to greet the day! Translation: my husband (yes, someone elected to marry me) had to work so I was woken up to those amazing sounds. Mainly, him hawking lugies, in what seemed like a game of him trying to clog our master bath sink. After a lovely kiss goodbye (re-read previous sentence to find reasoning why this isn't so sweet) I was able to get back to sleep.
Only to be woken up again mother. She called to tell me she was coming over. So, I asked if I could go back to sleep until she arrived and she agreed.
The 3rd wake-up was to her arrival. This time, I had to actually get up and out of bed. In doing so, I realized my left eye was a little tender. Bug bite. Great. Even when I sleep things have to find a way to bother me.
Day moves on and this bug bite thing just itches and annoys me. But I can deal with it, because I'm tough. And I don't really feel like being a baby about it. Plus, football is on. (end of Sunday) ~

Monday morning: bite STILL there. And, apparently I've been grinding my teeth all night, cause there's this little knot on the side of my face, near my left ear. Ugh. But, again, deal with it. I don't have time to bother. Because I need a root canal and I'm not ready to have *that* done to myself. I don't care what anyone says: dealing with the slight pain is better than the drill noise.
Until the knot gets worse (eye isn't much better either). So...I go to the dentist because it MUST be related to this damn tooth. But he can't see me. Not a surprise - I did just show up, unannounced. Can you believe he is seeing other patients? Typical. But they CAN get me in the next morning at 7:00 or 8:00. I chose 8:00. On my day off. My day to sleep-in.

So, I'm in the chair and the dentist feels the side of my face and the lump. He says it isn't likely related to my tooth. (I think: WHAT? You are crazy...they have to be related). Then, he tells me it's a gland or lymph-node or something and asks if I've had an ear infection. I say, "No, but I have had a bite or something on my eye for a few days."
Pay attention to what happens now:
I remove my glasses and the dentist looks at my eye and pulls back his face, repulsed, and says: "Ewww." That's right: Ewww. My dentist said Ewww to me and my face.
Feeling like a million bucks, I can barely contain my excitement when he tells me I need to see a doctor and get on anti-biotics. And feeling fully confident in his doctor-skills after his "Ewww" assessment I just CAN'T WAIT to get in to see another doctor.
So, I thank him for his time and head on home.

I pop a Benadryl and crawl in bed. Somehow, I have also developed a screaming headache over the past 30 minutes. I really want to throw some Excedrine Migraine in the mix, but decide against it, since, well, I don't want that lethal combo in my system if I happen to die of shame.
And I sleep. On my day off, when I had planned to accomplish SO much. Shoulda known to add "feel even worse about self" to the list.

Thank you Dr. Dentist. Thank you for your truly stunning bed-side manner that made me realize I don't deserve a nice day off. Not with this hideous face.

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